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Blackmailing The Maid Into Anal Sex

Blackmailing The Maid Into Anal Sex

I don’t know how I would have felt learning that someone was blackmailing the maid to do anal to keep her job if I was not the maid being blackmailed. My job was important to me and I would do anything to keep it.

Besides, I have always wondered what it would feel like to have Farhan’s cock inside me. Maybe it doesn’t matter if this first time won’t be in my pussy but in my ass.

He walked behind me and smoothed his big hands over my bare cheeks, taking in a deep breath before pulling my panties down.

It felt weird to be undressed by him like this, but I couldn’t deny it was a turn on.

Knowing that soon he’d have a finger or two in my ass was beginning to send me wild.

“It might feel a little odd at first,” he said and I felt his digit smooth some of the oil around my tight knot. “Try to relax.”

I took some calming breaths, my jaw trembling a little at the amazing sensation of his finger circling around my asshole. It was sensitive alright, and it seemed to send a jolt ofbliss right through me that I couldn’t deny or control.

Farhan kept like that for a moment, gently slipping the tip of his finger inside me again and again until I became excited.

“You can play with your pussy too, Anaya,” he said after a moment. “It sometimes helps to relax you.”

I was kind of relieved to get his permission and my hand came underneath to my sex immediately, rotating my fingers over the loose flesh and teasing out my clitoris.

“That’s right,” he encouraged, pressing his finger a little deeper now.

Though this was me being blackmailed, I would have fun while it lasted.

The room was silent other than my quiet breathing and each time he opened his mouth it felt strange to hear the silence broken, especially by some of the jarringly hot words coming out of his mouth.

I could feel my asshole remain open a little and when his fingers returned, covered in more coconut oil, they slipped inside with a satisfying ease.

I moaned.

Farhan responded by driving those two fingers inside me a little deeper, massaging my asshole with his thumb while my own hand worked around my pussy.

He kept a gentle rhythm, slowly driving his fingers in and out of my lubed hole until I was ready for more.

He pulled out his fingers and took out his huge cock.

When I turned around I saw it for the first time and damn near cried out with glee.

Farhan’s cock looked amazing held in his hand like that and it was kind of exciting to know it would be inside me soon.

Suddenly I felt a little more coconut oil push against my butt, sitting on the crown of his cock and easing its passing as he pressed it slowly and deliberately inside me, stretching me wider than ever.

“Ooooh,” I exhaled, somewhere on the precipice of pain.

He pressed forward, although thankfully not all the way, before slowly gliding out of me, his passage eased by the coconut oil that was liberally splayed around my knot.

I rocked on the chair, back and forth against his cock and met its advances, feeling the seat smooth over my pussy each time and causing my juices to flow from me.

Soon the seat itself wasn’t enough and I moved my hand down to massage my clit, pulling back on the skin and exposing the sensitive node to my fingers which teased over it.

The sensation was just too much to bear and quickly my breath began to rise, sucking in air and panting it back out as Farhan bucked wildly behind me.

“D’you like that?” he asked, giving my ass a slap.

I only moaned.

I began to tremble, my fingers dancing over my pussy with increasing speed until my body was on the precipice of a terrific orgasm.

“Come for me,” Farhan said, sensing I was close and having him spur me on like that really brought the climax to fruition.

I began to moan loudly as it crashed from me, my eyes closed in ecstasy and finger circling my swollen clit.

My ass pulsed around Farhan’s cock as I began to orgasm, but he kept his pace, slamming back into me and causing our flesh to clap together loudly.

Farhan pulled out of me as suddenly as he had entered and squirted his cum all over my face. I took it all in.

I was certain I would be keeping this job for a long time.

Blackmailing The Maid Into Anal Sex

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