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brother takes sisters virginity

brother and sister sex storyI have to admit I masturbated with a pair of my sister, Priya’s mostly black and mostly lacy panties more than once that week, usually before bedtime. Most nights I would dream of her performing a striptease on me and it would end in some cum swallowing.

But, why not? In the whole of India, Priya would easily be one of the hottest girls. I was certain all of my friends were thinking of her while they jacked off. So, why should her brother now?

In the bathroom, her picture was always my object of masturbation. I would imagine fucking her every way till she screamed my name in sweet Hindi.

My sister was a flirt. How she was still a virgin surprised me. She flirted with all the boys who spoke to her in school, even Pranav who was not Hindu like us. I told her I knew and had photos of Pranav kissing and making out with her because my friends were fucking spies who could get the picture of the pope in the bathroom if they were so motivated.

I told them Priya would be a prize for them if they could get that done. Maqbul was not Indian like us, but for the prize of my hot sister’s pussy and balloon breasts, an Urdu would do anything.

“It is incest,” she had protested.

“Will you want to tell that to Father?” I had retorted.

Today was the time to get my taste of her. I stood at her door and knocked.

“Come in,” she said.

I let myself in, laughing about the double meaning of her answer. I’ll come in. Inside your begging pussy. I joked to myself.

“Priya?” I said, not seeing her in the room.

“Here I am.” She emerged from her closet, naked. I stared at her big, milky breasts and my jaw hung open. There was no time to waste.

“Shut it,”

She hopped on the bed and brushed through her long wavy black hair.

“Well, my sweet walking seduction?”

“Get on with it,” she snapped.

I stepped out of my boxers in seconds.

“Take this,” I pointed to my dick that was half-erect.

She reached for it awkwardly and put it in her mouth. It felt warm and heavenly and soon she was running her mouth through the length as stood erect all the way.

I gripped her hair and pushed her head forward and backward faster.

I stepped out of her mouth and pulled down her black pants while tweaking her nipples.

She moaned lightly.

I slipped a finger into her moist pussy and teased her clit.

She arched her back. And I lifted her ass to my waiting dick which met her pussy that was moist with readiness.

I teased the covered opening of her virgin pussy and shoved till she winced with pain. I pulled back and ate her clit and suddenly pulled her pussy to my strong and erect cock.

I heard a loud scream that was quickly muffled but I did not stop. I moved in and out slowly and soon her wincing became moans.

I increased the speed till her moans filled the whole house. It was a good thing we were the only one at home for the weekend.

I flipped her on her and she went on her knees and I inserted my cock into her waiting pussy from behind. Her pussy gripped my hard cock and she trembled and moaned as I pumped hard.

We climaxed together and fell on the bed.

brother takes sisters virginity

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