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lesbian desi sex storyBefore she could even turn around I grabbed my sister by the arm and pulled her into a kiss. Pia moaned in response, opening her mouth to her elder sister. My heart pounded in my chest pumping blood into my aching clit. Then I let out a growl as Pia began fondling my uber-sensitive 40DDs.

I reached around and began unzipping my dress. Pia broke away and began kissing my collarbone.

“Pia, this feels good, right or wrong I want this.”

Pia smiled “I do too, gosh every time I looked at you in the house I could feel myself growing wetter, but enough talk.”

We stripped each other’s dresses.

Pia pushed me against the sink and dove for my firm sensitive tits

“Ohhh yess Pia that feels amazing!”

Pia paid equal attention to them sucking and biting my aching sensitive nipples, and then she moved downward grabbing my clit with her lips

“Ohhhh” I screamed.

Pia moved her attention to my dripping pussy lips, probing deeper and deeper with every lick while still stroking my clit with her thumb

Pia began sliding her tongue in and out of my tight wet center, my firm supple 40DDs heaved up and down with each breath, drenched in sweat they glistened in the overhead light.

“Ohhh fuck Pia I’m coming,” I growled as my climax rocked my body with hurricane force, I began thrashing about thrusting my hips towards her mouth. Pia moaned in pleasure, gulping down my juices.

Again and again, my body let loose, flowing like a river until finally it stopped, but Pia didn’t.

Finally, she broke away.

“You taste amazing,” she smiled.

“I know but now it’s my turn,” I slid off the sink and pushed her onto the floor kissing every inch of her naked skin as she moved downward.

Pia moaned in pleasure as I began sucking on each of her big full 38DDs.

“Oh fuck that feels amazing.”

I smiled and continued downward, finally reaching my destination.

Wasting no time I pushed her tongue hard in between Pia’s drenched pussy lips and began licking furiously

Pia screamed.

Then I took it one step further sticking three fingers inside. I began thrusting them in and out while focusing my mouth on sucking and licking her enlarged sensitive clit.

I thrust my fingers faster.

Pia’s eyes widened as every nerve ending in her body was aflame with pleasure, she appeared not to know how much more she could take.

Then I began sucking and licking her clit at the same time.

That seemed to do it for her.

I planted my mouth over her dripping pussy and sucked hard.

Pia let out a toe curling scream as orgasm after orgasm struck her like a bolt of lightning.

The suction from my mouth created a funnel, literally draining her juices out of her body.

I moaned as my tongue was awash with Pia’s delicious desire. Thereafter, she squirted what seemed to be enough to fill an ocean it finally ended.

I broke free and pulled her into the room and I arranged us. Pia frowned at first and then nodded, swiveling her hips around so we were in a sixty-nine position. I stuck my fingers back in and began licking again while Pia began thrusting her tongue in and out of my quivering pussy lips, while still rubbing her throbbing clit. We both moaned in pure ecstasy as the pleasure built and built, then within a minute our bodies shuddered in pleasure, and we began to cum.

Our climaxes shot through us faster than an Indian express train. Wave after wave of pleasure slammed into us with hurricane force.

Again and again, we gulped and gulped while still riding out our own climaxes, our stomachs growing full with our juices.

Finally exhausted and worn out but satisfied, we stopped.

“Gosh, where did you learn to do that?” I asked between deep breaths.

“I was going to ask you the same, Leela.” Pia giggled and got up.

“I cannot believe we just did that,” I said and Pia grinned.

“You only live once,” she said.

Desi lesbian Sisters Hot Indian Sex story

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