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Desi Mom Fucks Her Son’s Friend

desi Mom fucks son's friend

Mumbai was in the grip of a serious heat wave and Advika, a 50-year-old married woman was as horny as a bitch in heat. She had been masturbating on the couch for hours and just could not seem to get enough. Heat always made her horny. She hadn’t been getting any action lately, her good for nothing husband, Rohit had left for Shimla just two days ago on a supposed business trip when indeed he had gone to his usual sex romp with his mistress. Advika had gone through her husband’s phone when she became suspicious of his frequent business meetings. She was appalled when she saw the nude pictures Rohit had sent to her in the wee hours of that morning when she was still asleep. She decided not to bring the issue up yet, she was going to wait till he came back from Shimla or wherever he was going.
Advika was sleeping naked on the couch when she heard the voices of her eighteen-year-old son Rajiv and his classmate, Abhik at the door. She gathered her clothes and raced into her room just in time. She dressed up hurriedly only to discover that she had left her panties on the couch! She was horrified. She quickly came out, luckily, they had gone straight to the kitchen to get something to eat. But to her consternation the panties was not there.
Just then they came out of the kitchen greeted her and started eating. She scanned the whole living room but her undies was nowhere in sight. Maybe it was somewhere in her room, she thought to herself. The boys soon went upstairs to sleep and she drifted up to sleep on the couch because her room was too hot. She woke up horny again and started finger fucking herself. She moaned as she came violently.
Around 2:00 am, a slight noise woke her. She opened her eyes slightly and there was Abhik sniffing her missing panties and stroking his dick. He had a massive erection. He did not know she was awake. The sight of his erection sent a wet rush through her pussy. He came closer and closer and surreptitiously lifted her night gown. She was clean shaven and wearing nothing under.
Abhik struggled to contain his excitement. His heart was beating so fast he was scared she would hear it. He bent down and gave her pussy a delicate lick. She twitched. Encouraged he gave a more confident one and there was a slight moan. As he licked her pussy he slid one finger into her pussy and the other one into her arse all the while sucking her clitoris. She started bucking and he held her down and increased his pressure. She started moaning and he knew she was coming. There was a rush of warm liquid from her pussy into his mouth and her arse tightened around his finger as she came. He leapt to his feet and crept away upstairs.
When Advika woke up the next morning, she wondered if it had all been a dream. She found her panties on the couch and the memory of the midnight orgasm was very real. She went up to her room to dress up and prepare for work. When she came out, the boys were up. Rajiv gave her a peck on her forehead and Abhik greeted her politely.
‘’How was your night?’’ She asked them.
“Fine.’’ Replied Rajiv.
‘’I could not sleep. It was too hot.’’ Said Abhik.
She smiled and said ‘’Me too, this must be the worst heat wave we’ve had in years.’’
She looked at him and he smiled back innocently. The memory of the previous night sent a rush through her.
When she got home, Rajiv was alone. She casually asked of Abhik and Rajiv said he had gone home for the weekend. She tried to hide her disappointment, she wondered what was happening to her. How could she be in lust with a teenager? It was a long boring weekend and she was mostly indoors. The heatwave had passed so she slept in her room.
Monday evening when she got back from work she heard Rajiv discussing with someone. Her heart leapt with excitement. It was Abhik. They exchanged pleasantries and she went upstairs to change. She went to great lengths to look good. After dinner, they went up to their room and she stretched out on the couch. She could not sleep. She tossed and turned and burned up. But Abhik did not come. She masturbated endlessly but it was not enough. What she needed was a real man. When it was almost dawn, she drifted off to sleep. She woke up to find Abhik’s dick deep inside her pussy. How it got there was what she did not know. She was lying face down and he had carefully lifted her night gown and entered her. As he pounded into her he used his finger to massage her clitoris. She moaned. He was so big. His erection filled her. He thrust faster and faster and she moaned.
‘’Suck me!’’ She gasped. Abhik needed all his self-control to comply. He slid downwards and she grabbed the back of his head and pressed it into her pussy. He sucked her and her juice poured into his mouth. The more he sucked her the harder she pressed his head to her crotch. She started shaking and vibrating. He kept on sucking, he needed to come up for air but she would not release him so he had to keep on sucking. Eventually she moaned and came squirting all over the couch. He had never seen a woman squirt and it turned him on. As she was still jerking in the spasms of her orgasm he leapt on her and slid his dick into her dripping pussy. Her vagina contracted against his dick so tightly it was almost painful. He kept thrusting urgently. Advika used her vaginal juices to rub his face. He loved the smell of his friend’s mother’s pussy. Advika came again and again. She had never had multiple orgasms before. Abhik came suddenly flooding her pussy with his hot semen and she screamed.
They heard the room door upstairs open and Rajiv ran down the stairs attracted by her scream.
When he got down his mom was sitting on the sofa looking shaken and Abhik was sitting on the arm of the chair looking worried.
‘’What happened?’’ He asked.
‘’She had a nightmare.’’ I heard her scream and rushed down. Rajiv knelt by her and consoled her.
‘’It must have been really scary. See how you are sweating!’’ She nodded.

She got up shakily as they both looked at her with concern.
‘’I will just go to my room.’’
Rajiv helped her up the stairs. As she went she could feel Abhik’s semen running down her legs.

Desi Mom Fucks Her Son’s Friend

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