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Seducing His Friend’s New Desi Wife

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Dev tried to hurry his way through the streets, but the scorching India sun was making it hard to rush through the crowds. Sweat poured down his back, but he couldn’t stop for a break or drink of water. He had promised his friend, Sai, that he would be there at eleven to help him with some work in his friend’s kitchen, and he was already late. After Sai had helped him with his homework at the beginning of college, Dev owed him. Finally, he reached the small building that Sai lived in with his new wife. He went to the second floor and knocked. The door opened and a beautiful young woman stood in front of him. Dev had forgotten how pretty his friend’s wife was.
“You are late,” Isha told him.
“I know. I’m sorry. I got caught up in class.” That was a lie, he didn’t even have college classes that day, but he didn’t want to tell the girl he had overslept past ten.
She sighed, as though she didn’t believe him. He found the frown on her face sexy. Her lips were pink and plump, making him wonder how they would feel on his dick.
“Come in.” Isha opened the door up and gestured for Dev to enter.
“My husband left fifteen minutes ago. He got called into work.” She told him. “But he said that can work in the kitchen while he is gone.”
Dev followed her to the kitchen and looked down at the paint buckets on the floor.
“How old are you now, Dev?” Isha asked as she stood looking him over. “You look older than the last time we met.”
“I’m eighteen.” He looked over her body and could tell that under her clothes, she had large breast and a nice shape. “I’m a man now.”
“The brushes are over there. Don’t make a mess.” Isha started to leave the room but he stopped her.
“How long is he going to be gone?” Asked Dev.
“Long enough for you to get this whole room painted.”
“So, we will be alone for hours?” He stepped towards her. “You are a very beautiful woman. Does Sai know how lucky he is to have you?”
“I’m lucky to have my husband, as well.” She watched him closely, but he couldn’t stop from getting closer to the girl.
“Really, does he touch you like a real man should?” Dev reached for her shoulder, when she didn’t move, he ran his fingers down her neck and over her chest until he reached her breast. “Does he take care of you in the bedroom, like he should?”
“My husband is a good man, but he is so busy. I haven’t seen him much lately, especially in the bedroom.” She stepped forward so that his hand was fully over her breast. “I’ve been a bit lonely.”
Aroused, Dev fondled her tit as he pulled her face towards his with his other hand. Her big soft lips pressed against his and he was instantly hard. Suddenly, she pulled away and shook her head.
“I am married,” Isha told him as she turned her back to him. “My husband is your friend.”
“He doesn’t have to know.” Dev stepped towards her and leaned his hard dick against her round ass. “It can be our secret. Come on, let me please you, like you deserve.”
Isha moaned as he rubbed his cock on her. Knowing she was turned on, he pulled her dark hair out of the way and began kissing the smooth skin along the back of her neck.
“Right here, in the kitchen?” She asked.
“Yes!” Dev went to the table and shoved the painting supplies to the floor.
In a hurry, Isha dropped her clothes to the floor and bent over the table.
“We don’t have much time, we must be quick.” She said.
Dev didn’t waste any more time, as he licked his fingers and then wet her pussy. He gripped her ass and shoved his cock into her with one hard push. Isha cried out in pleasure so loud that he had to cover her mouth as he fucked her from behind. The girl braced herself on the table, but he was plunging into her so powerful that she was being forced back and forth with his thrust.
“You like that, don’t you?” He asked as he hammered into her slit.
“Oh, yes!” She moaned. “Harder! Fuck me harder!”
Wanting to please her, he did as she said and pounded harder into her. Her ass jiggled with each thrust. Watching it was so hot that he felt an orgasm boiling inside of him.
“I’m cumming!” He called out as he pumped a few last times into her moist hole.
Isha began to tremble all over his cock, as her own climax rocked through her body. They shook together, for a long fantastic moment, before he pulled out of her.
“Get painting.” She demanded as she got dressed. “If you do a good job, my husband has more work for you tomorrow, and he won’t be here to help.”
He smiled and wondered where he would fuck her the next day.

Seducing His Friend’s New Desi Wife

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